Hyde Park Village Water & Light

Carol Robertson, General Manager


If you receive a call asking you to pay your bill by phone – hang up and call the Village Office – 888-2310. Do not give your personal information to a stranger. We just received notice that this happened to one of our customers. The threat is real – tell your friends and neighbors. VERIFY before you give anyone your credit card or banking information or any personal information.

2015 Energy Efficiency Charges

2014 Energy Efficiency Charges – revised rates

2012 Water Quality Report
2013 Water Quality Report
2014 Water Quality Report
2015 Water Quality Report
2016 Water Quality Report
2017 Water Quality Report

2012 Service Quality Performance

Village of Hyde Park Electric Department
Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm
Phone: (802)888-2310
Fax: (802)888-6878
Contact: Karen Wescom (Karen@hydeparkvt.com)


The Village of Hyde Park is a non-profit municipal corporation. As a municipality it is our aim to keep rates as low as possible. Hyde Park currently serves approximately 1300 electric customers, 225 water customers and 110 sewer customers.

The links below include a new customer application as well as information that explains all rules, regulations and policies followed by the Village of Hyde Park Electric Department and approved by the Vermont Public Service Board.

If you have any questions regarding your service please feel free to call or stop by the Village office anytime. The office is located at 344 Vt. 15W, Hyde Park, Vermont; traveling west, 0.3 miles past the roundabout. (same building as the Town Clerk’s Office).

Applications and Forms:

1. New Account – Application (print and fill in information)

2. Deposits for New Electric Customers

3. Credit Reference for Utility Service

4. Property Owner’s Authorization

5. Debit Origination Authorization Form – Electric Bills

6. New Service Application

7. Contribution in Aid of Construction Release

8. Debit Origination Authorization Form – Village Property Taxes