Recreation Fields

The Recreation Committee holds its regular meetings as needed – Contact Deanna Judkins for schedule. Dogs are not allowed on Town of Hyde Park recreation fields. Please obtain a copy of the Park Rules from the Committee and fill out the Town’s Facility Use Policy for reservations of the fields.

Facility Use Application
2014 Recreation Fields Rules

Recreation Committee – On-going work committee:
Chasity Fagnant
Ken Harvey
Deanna Judkins
Gary Nolan
Debbie Slayton

Telephone: 888-2300 E-Mail:

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2015 Annual Report

The Town of Hyde Park needs to give themselves a pat on the back…..we have one of the best recreational facilities in the state.  A huge thank you goes out to the taxpayers of Hyde Park.

We had another great year at the recreational fields off Garfield Road.  We held two State tournaments hosting 3 divisions, that were well attended, as well as the “Mackenzie Pratt Tournament”.  The Mac Pratt Tournament proceeds went to our fields this year to install the last outfield fence.

The 2 picnic pavilions are complete and look great.  This project was made possible by Hyde Park taxpayers, Mac Pratt tournament monies and labor donated by K.A. Harvey Manufactured Homes…..Thank you Ken Harvey. We are now ready to rent for reunions, company gathering, weddings, etc.

Gary Nolan got some blacktop donated by Pike Paving last year.  We would like to give Pike Paving a huge THANK YOU for this donation.  This will really help with dust around the building.  Also thanks to Gary.

We are always looking for some active members to help out with the recreation committee. If anyone is interested, please give the Town Clerk’s office a call.

Thanks to all of the volunteers that helped us last year, thanks to all those that attended games at these beautiful fields, and thanks to the taxpayers of Hyde Park for supporting these fields.  Please come up and see what a beautiful area we have for our adult teams and youth play.

The Committee meets the third Thursday of each month at the home of Ken Harvey and Debbie Slayton, off VT 100. The public is always welcome and encouraged to attend.

2015 Members
Deb Slayton
Deanna Judkins
Chasity Fagnant
Gary Nolan
Kenneth Harvey

2015 Annual Report

The Hyde Park Baseball/Softball Association would like to request the sum of $1,000.00 from the Town of Hyde Park.   The continued financial support from the Town assists in our youth program.  The money helps the program purchase new uniforms, equipment, and league insurance for each team.

The 2015 season had fifty seven children ranging from ages 5 to 13 participating. This was a significant increase from last year. Hyde Park fielded a total of 5 teams.  The town of Eden did not have enough players to form teams so we absorbed them in Hyde Park which allowed us to have our own teams without having to farm out children to other towns. Every Team enjoyed a great season!

This year we once again participated in a fundraising program through the Vermont Lake Monsters.  This is a great fundraiser for us because for each ticket we sell we earn 50% of the ticket price.  We earned an additional $148.  This allowed us to replace old catchers gear, new uniform pants and the ability to line the fields for games. Again the best part of this fundraiser is that any of the players that sold tickets for the game we sponsored,  those players were able to go down onto Centennial field during the National Anthem and were able to meet the Mascot CHAMP in person and stand with the players. This always proves to be a great night out at the ballpark for all who attend. The game night for 2016 is scheduled for July 8th.  If you are interested in attending to help us out please contact any player a board member directly.

We would like to thank the coaches who volunteered their time throughout the season, because without them our teams would not be successful:  Carl Hartling and Dan Dussualt for Major League Baseball; Shawn Goodell Minor League Baseball; Daren Small and John Hemingway for Minor League Softball; Kara Gates for Rookie League; and Eliza Peters, Kyle Cote and Jean Jones for Tee Ball.

This year we had a sponsor for our Rookie and T Ball teams.  A Special thanks goes out to VT Dog B n B as they purchased all the T-shirts for the players. This helped us out a lot as it allows us to use that money for other program needs.

We would also like to thank the many parents who helped the coaches and a big thank you to the Recreation Board to allow us continued use of the fields.  It takes many of us volunteers to make this program work, we would like to graciously thank you for all of your efforts.

Thank you to the Town of Hyde Park for your assistance with the Hyde Park Baseball/Softball Association.

Respectfully submitted by Eliza Peters,
Board members for 2015 were:
President, Eliza Peters
Vice-president: Jamie Dubie
Secretary, Mysha Dompierre
Treasurer, Ruth Dompierre