Cemetery Commissioners:  
Mary H. Foss,  Term Expires 2017
Christine Cooney, Term Expires 2018
Judith Lanphear, Term Expires 2019
Nioka Houston, Term Expires 2020
Robert Foss, Term Expires 2021

2015 Report

The Hyde Park Cemetery Commissioners’ supervise the cost and maintenance of four cemeteries in the Town of Hyde Park. They are the Village Cemetery, Jedediah Hyde Cemetery, Center Cemetery and Holbrook Cemetery. Cemeteries operating under their own association each receive an amount of $1,375.00 from monies appropriated by the Town of Hyde Park.

Funds received from the Town of Hyde Park have been used for caretakers’ services, tree removal, stone and fence repair as well as cleaning of the stones in the above mentioned cemeteries.

We are in the process of extending land at the Jedediah Cemetery for future lots. Lots in this area will be available in 2016. Burial lots continue to be sold at $250.00. We are pleased that we have been able to keep this cost the same for six  years.

The Holbrook Cemetery sign needed repair this past year, which was completed and the sign replaced at the cemetery.

Rules & Regulations were reviewed by the Commissioners’ this past year, and a copy may be obtained by contacting Judy Lanphear or Robert Foss. Maps of each cemetery are on file at the Town Clerk’s Office.

We regret the resignation of Anthony Gates. As of this writing, his position with the Commissioners’ has not been filled. Please contact one of us if you would like to work with us and share an interest in keeping beautification of our cemeteries. We thank Andy for his dedication to the Hyde Park Cemeteries.

We thank Robert & Sons Lawn Care for the wonderful job they do in caring for the appearance of our four cemeteries maintained by the Commissioners’. We also want to thank Hillside Trash (Ethan & Donna Hill) for taking care of the trash removal.

Hyde Park Cemetery Commissioners’
Judith T. Lanphear, Secretary – 888-2125
Robert C. Foss, Treasurer – 888-3316
Mary Foss – 888-3316
Nioka Houston – 888-3038