Cemetery Commissioners:  

Christine Cooney, Term Expires 2028
Judith Lanphear, Term Expires 2024;  (802) 888-2125
Nioka Houston, Term Expires 2025
Robert C. Foss, Term Expires 2026; (802) 888-3316
Sarrah Patch,  Term Expires 2027

Hyde Park has eight cemeteries – six are maintained by five elected Cemetery Commissioners (Jedediah, North Hyde Park, Hooper, Holbrook & Blake, Center, and Village). One is maintained by the private Plains Cemetery Association (Contact is Charlie Davis at 888-3806) and the other is St. Teresa’s Cemetery which is privately owned (Contact is Mary Elfer at 888-3457).

Four cemeteries located in Hyde Park South (pdf to map below)


Four cemeteries located in Hyde Park North (pdf to map below)

overview map of cemetaries located in Hyde Park North

Cemetery Commissioners Annual Report 2020 (pdf)

Hyde Park Cemetery Rules & Regulations – approved August 2019