Animal Control Officers

Lead Animal Control Officer: Vacant                                  Emergencies Dial 911 (Non-emergency 888-2300)

2018 Animal Control Ordinance


Registration Information

New Dog Registration By Mail Form (here) – Please complete this form for each new dog to be registered in Hyde Park.

Send this form in along with the appropriate fee and a copy of the most recent rabies vaccination certificate and a spay/neuter certificate, if applicable. Checks/money orders are paid to TOWN OF HYDE PARK and mailed to PO Box 98, Hyde Park VT 05655 OR can be left in the night drop at the office.

Renewals – Feel free to contact the office to make sure we have the most recent information on file. If we do, all we need is the applicable fee that can be mailed to PO Box 98, Hyde Park VT 05655 OR can be left in the night drop at the office.

The Animal Control Officers receive and address complaints about dogs, lost dogs and enforce the Animal Control Ordinance. Some matters are referred to other agencies or support is provided by the Lamoille County Sheriff’s Department.

All dogs or wolf-hybrids six months of age and older must be licensed annually on or before April 1.

Before obtaining a dog license, a copy of a current rabies vaccination certificate must be presented to the Town.

Licenses are available annually starting on the first business day of January and will be assessed a late fee if not paid on or by April 1st annually.

License fees are as follows:

Fees:  Spayed or Neutered

Licensing Fee:                            $ 4.00
Surcharges  (State & Local)      $ 7.00
Total                                           $11.00
                  AFTER APRIL 1st, $13.00

Fees:  Not Spayed or Neutered

Licensing Fee                             $ 8.00
Surcharges    (State & Local)    $ 7.00
Total                                           $15.00
                  AFTER APRIL 1st, $19.00

Vermont Spay Neuter Incentive Program (VSNIP) Application & Information