Dog Control Officers

Lead Animal Control Officer: Crystal Maxham – (802)696-9825 – Emergencies Dial 911 (Non-emergency 888-2300)
Assistant Dog Control Officer: Diane Stoney – (802)585-0543

2017 Draft Animal Control Ordinance


The Dog Control Officers deal with complaints about dogs or lost dogs.

All dogs or wolf-hybrids six months of age and older must be licensed annually on or before April 1. Before obtaining a dog license, a copy of a current rabies vaccination certificate must be presented to the Town. Licenses are available annually starting on the first business day of January and will be assesses a late fee if not paid on or by April 1st annually.

License fees are as follows:

Fees:  Spayed or Neutered
Licensing Fee:                            $ 4.00
Surcharges  (State & Local)           7.00
Total     $11.00
AFTER APRIL 1st, $13.00

Fees:  Not Spayed or Neutered
Licensing Fee                             $ 8.00
Surcharges    (State & Local)        7.00
Total    $15.00
AFTER APRIL 1st, $19.00

Dog Control Ordinance

Vermont Spay Neuter Incentive Program (VSNIP) Application