Hyde Park Energy Committee

Promoting Energy Efficiency and Advancing Our Energy Goals

Excerpt from the 2017-2025 Hyde Park Municipal Plan…

“Hyde Park will work to meet both the Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan – 2016 and Vermont Electric Plan – 2016 as well as any future state plans set forth, thereby encouraging the efficient use of energy, the development of renewable energy resources and transportation efficiency. Hyde Park will work to help Vermont meet specific energy targets in three areas:

  • Renewable Energy Use
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Transportation Efficiency”

Hyde Park Energy Committee

If you live in Hyde Park and would like to help us achieve our goals

Hyde Park Energy Committee Members:
Denise Greene, Elisa Clancy, Christine Hallquist.

The committee currently has two vacancies.

Fourth Monday of each Month, 3 – 4 p.m. Municipal Offices, Lower Level, 344VT Route 15 West
(except July and August)

Contact Denise Greene at 888-2239 if you wish to become a member or would like to help out.


Mission Statement

The Hyde Park Energy Committee was commissioned in 2013 as a result of the Town & Village of Hyde Park, Vermont: Comprehensive Development Plan, 2012 – 2017. The mission of the HPEC is to provide town residents, businesses and town government with information to promote broader energy efficiency and conservation, and advise the Selectboard on municipal energy decisions. The HPEC will be a conduit to opportunities for town members to save money, reduce fossil fuel dependency and advance goals around energy-related issues.

 Goals include:

A) Save financial and natural resources by encouraging the conservation and efficient use of energy in the Town and Village

B) Increase public awareness of energy issues and build public support for energy efficiency and sustainable energy policies

C) Engage and educate residents, businesses and Town government around issues of energy incentives, renewable energy options, and statewide energy programs

E) Coordinate existing energy resources in the community and cooperating with the Planning Commission and with those federal, state and regional agencies of government

which are responsible for energy matters i.e., Efficiency Vermont 

F) Study and evaluate alternate sources of energy with a view toward the more efficient and economical utilization of existing and potential energy resources.