Health Officer                                                                                                  COVID Mask Guidance – N95 for employees

Health Officer:  Keith Ulrich 802 888 5869 home and fax  (or by e-mailing: )
Deputy Health Officers: Selectboard Members

The Health Officer hears complaints about the following health issues:
-Rental Housing
-Air Quality
-Water Tests
-Animal Cruelty
-Outdoor Burning (except if per burn permit issued by Fire Warden)
-Animal Bite Incidents

The link below lists all onsite wastewater designers that can assist residents when there are issues with the disposal system, either a failure or a need to expand its capacity or make other modifications. Once a designer is contacted, the designer will generally contact the town to secure any needed approvals before construction. (pdf)

**Residents have a choice of either an onsite designer or a professional engineer when faced with septic or water supply issues.**


On-site sewage disposal systems must be regularly inspected, maintained and carefully used in order for them to work properly. A failed septic system can contaminate wells in the vicinity and cause significant health problems. A failed system can allow raw sewage to surface in your yard or back up into your sinks and toilets. It can pollute streams and other surface waters, and can be difficult and expensive to replace.

DO pump your septic tank. Inspect the pump chamber/siphon and D-Box every two to three years. Keep a record of the inspection

DO perform annual maintenance on sand filter and other systems to ensure proper operation of components.

DO keep the leachfield area mowed and free of brush and trees.

DO have the pump specialist check the D-Box for levelness when having the tank pumped.

DO conserve water and fix plumbing leaks.


DON’T flush pesticides, chemicals, paint, thinners, acids, disinfectants, oil, grease, diapers, sanitary pads, kitty litter or similar substances down the drain or toilet.

DON’T flush anything down drains or the toilet that you would not put on your vegetable garden.

DON’T drive heavy equipment over sewer lines and the mound or leach field replacement areas.

DON’T use a garbage disposal.

DON’T waste money on septic system additives. Natural bacteria need not be supplemented.

DON’T attempt to install a septic tank on your own. Never enter a septic tank in an attempt to repair or clean it. A septic tank may contain deadly gases.